7 Amazing Trouser Designs Every Woman's Closet Must-Have

Throughout history, different trouser designs have created fashion statements. In today's world, fashion styling has become one of the most important aspects of one's life. Wearing stylish dresses and looking trendy is something that almost everyone wants to do. In an attempt to be different, look different and be the eye-catcher on the street, people try new styles, dresses, hairstyles, hair colours, and sometimes even go for new tattoos and accessories.

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There are a lot of creative fashion choices for women. It is important for them to have both comfort and style in the same garment, while still wanting to seem elegant. This is why trousers seem to be the best option for meeting these needs. There is no occasion that is too formal for trousers. The various trouser designs today offer the advantage of being a combination of traditional and modern, which makes them a favourite choice for trending fashion.

Here Are A Few Trouser Designs You Must Own

Pleated Pants

You need these pleated trouser designs in your wardrobe if you want to elevate your style. Wearing these pants to conferences and formal meetings will enhance your professional image. With these trouser designs, you can style them casually or for a friendly gathering as well. Whether you pair these pants with a crop top, plain shirt, peplum top or printed t-shirt, these pants are sure to make a fashion statement. The look can be completed with a peep toe heel. 

trouser designs: pleated

Palazzo Pants

For a long time now, palazzo pants have been a popular type of trouser design. Whether worn for a professional or casual occasion, these pants are extremely comfortable. It's easy to style these pants for any look you want. These trouser designs come in long and short-sized pants. There may be different trouser designs to choose from depending on your body type and how you want to present yourself to the world. There are almost no limits to what you can wear it with - whether it's a conventional top or a t-shirt, a crop top or a t-shirt with sleeves.

trouser designs: palazzo pants 

Culottes Pants

The culotte is a great pair of trouser designs you need to have in your wardrobe. There is something stunning and cute about these pants. If you want to avoid plain pants, you can choose printed culottes. Pair them with pastel-coloured tops or solid-coloured shirts. With these trouser designs, you can experiment with printed t-shirts and crop tops. The look can be completed with flats or heels.

trouser designs: culottes

Cigarette Pants

There's a reason why this bobby-dazzler has the classic name, Cigarette pant. It is a straight-fitting item with an extremely narrow size. Try injecting some fun into your edgy look by pairing a formal t-shirt with stylish sneakers. No experiment is ever considered a fashion crime in this business. Make a statement with these trouser designs! 

Trouser designs: Cigarette Pants

Chinos Trouser Designs

Chinos are known for their flattering mid-rise waists, lower trouser designs, and slim fit shapes. Usually, they fall around your ankles. You can always express your creativity by rolling up the button to show a wider gap between your shoe and trouser. The colour khaki is its trademark, so who are we to avoid it? The modern chinos however come in every shade, from light pink to deep blue.

trouser designs: chinos

Harem Pants

The perky and gripping features of this smasher make it a fan favourite. The flared look of these trouser designs grabs attention while the bottom is tapered completely. It is a perfect choice for casual occasions due to its exclusive designs and eye-catching prints. A cutesy sneaker and an easy-going top go well together.

trouser designs: harem pants

Bell Bottoms/Flared Pant

Bell bottoms were making waves in the 1960s when the drainpipe was ruling the industry. With their flared buttons, high-waisted bell bottoms are the kind of trouser designs that elongate your legs with their platform heels. Wear a fitted top for a more tailored look. This vintage beauty looks great in summer with a big wedge espadrille, and in winter with a chunky bootie.

Get to know everything about bell-bottom pants here.

trouser designs: flared/bell bottoms

Your outfit will look stunning with all these trendy bottoms. Be prepared to receive countless compliments from observers, no matter what you choose. You can flaunt your spirit in style when you choose trouser designs that suit your body type.

It is possible to create elegant, refined outfits that can be worn throughout the year, by following the tips above.

(All image source: Pinterest)

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