7 Stunning Saree Types You Need To Own In Your Wardrobe 

There are tonnes of varieties of saree types available in our country. Our country's cultures and traditions are reflected in this piece of fabric. We all love sarees for their unmatched elegance, which makes them a favourite. Traditionally worn across the country, different types of sarees can be found within the country. 

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In India, the nine yards of drape can be styled and modelled in various ways depending on the type of saree. In this article, we will give you a glimpse into the different saree types that are a must-have for your wardrobe, along with some saree names that you will certainly want to check out in your mother's closet. Let’s get this started >>

Saree Types You Must Not Miss Out On 

Stunning Bandhani Saree Types from Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for its tie-dye sarees known as Bandhani printed sarees. Although Bandhani Sarees come in a variety of colours and patterns, there is one age-old belief that says they bring a bride good luck and a prosperous future.

Since Bandhani sarees are made from a very delicate material, they must be stored and preserved with a lot of care in order to stay in good shape.

saree types - bandhani

Style tip: Bandhani Saree Types looks great with silver jewellery, such as oxidized silver. Make it extra glam by adding a potli bag.

Royal Kanjeevaram Saree Types from Tamil Nadu

The Kanjeevaram Saree's vibrant colours, royal borders, and rich silk give the Saree an aura of ornate grandeur. Originally from Tamil Nadu, Kanjeevaram saree are traditional bridal sarees which have become popular all over the country as special occasion sarees. Designed and woven in pure mulberry silk thread, the saree type is a perfect example of elegance and grace because of its inherent beauty. To embellish their look, the sarees are adorned with a gold tint that gives them a distinctive appearance.

saree types:  kanjeevaram

Traditional Tant Saree Types from West Bengal

One of the most distinguishable saree types in India is the Tant saree. Bengali sarees like this red and white one are the epitome of elegance.

Bengali or not, you must own this piece of subtle saree! The material used for the Tant is one that is extremely breathable, thus making it a very good choice for the humid seasons.

It is a traditional Indian saree with zari work on the pallu and the pallu is heavily embellished, but today, hand-printed Tant sarees are much more popular than zari work sarees.

saree types: tant

Exquisite Nauvari Saree Types from Maharashtra

One of the traditional Indian saree types, the Nauvari originated on the west coast. The saree's name comes from the fact that it is nine yards long, which refers to how long the saree is. It is believed that the Nauvari Saree is a symbol of valour and that it originated from the style of draping that was worn by Maratha women warriors when they wore the saree in a dhoti style, which allowed them to ride horses and fight easily.

saree types: nauvari

Intrigued? Learn more about the rich history of Nauvari Saree here

Evergreen Banarsi Saree Types from Varanasi

There are many types of sarees from different states, but Banarsi sarees are among the most popular. The patterns and motifs on these silk sarees are renowned all the way from Varanasi. Banarsi sarees were originally made only for royalty and were woven with real gold and silver threads. As of today, many variations of the Banarsi saree types make up for some of the best sarees in India, but its elegant feel has not all been lost despite modernisation and innovations.

saree types: banarasi

Classic Chikankari Saree from Lucknow

Chikankari is a fabric stitched with sophistication in the Nawabi city of Lucknow.

As simple as it may seem, Chikankari saree types are beautiful, but the intricate designs make them so much more. The heavy embroidery on the sarees makes them perfect to wear any day, any time, and on any occasion. The elegance of Chikankari is sure to catch everyone's attention.

saree types: chikankari

Timeless Kasavu Saree Types from Kerala

A radiant and refined Indian Traditional Saree - the Kasavu - comes from Kerala on the southern tip of the country. An old kasavu used to be a dhoti with a blouse and stole wrapped around it, but today it is more like a fancy saree. It is absolutely stunning to see a white saree with golden borders that often have real gold threads woven into them.

saree types: kasavu

(All image source: Pinterest)

Taking a closer look at all these patterns and styles, we have found out one thing - the style and feel of Indian sarees are rooted in our culture as a whole.

From adoring Bollywood actresses flaunting their chiffon sarees to wearing sarees for the first time at our school farewell - sarees have always held a special place in our hearts. 

You'll have a blast wearing a saree to your next event.

Take a few elements from your culture and mix them with your own personal style to make a fashion statement. Now is the time to hunt the above-mentioned saree types to fill up your wardrobe, and you will thank us later!

Interested in more styling tips for saree? Click here to know the various ways to style jewellery with a Black Saree. 

Check out our blogs to find more such fashion guides! ❣️

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