8 Winter Korean Outfit Styles To Try This Season

Well, winter is just around the corner, and Korean fashion, or K-fashion, is all the rage lately due to K-dramas and K-pop's massive popularity. This Korean craze has helped catapult K-fashion ahead of the pack, with winter fashion standing out as the most vibrant, yet an aesthetic time of year. 

Winter Korean outfit trends are predominantly driven by runway fashion and globally recognized street style. South Koreans are known for their style so much that their outfit ideas have filled many Pinterest feeds! We are no different. We know that our readers adore K-fashion. So, we've compiled some of the best options for your winter wardrobe! 

(P.S. Here’s an insightful piece about the Evolution of South Korean Fashion that you don’t want to miss out on!) 

Take A Look At These Winter Korean Outfit Trends:

Bold Blazers

It's no secret that Koreans enjoy wearing oversized clothing. Although most people are familiar with oversized sweaters as a Korean winter fashion must-have, you’ll be surprised to find out that an oversized blazer shares the same love as other baggy winter Korean outfit styles. Perfecting your winter Korean outfit depends on your understanding of layering, and there is no better piece to add to your outfit than an oversized blazer. 

The basic blazer gives off a very serious and professional vibe, the oversized style gives off a very casual vibe - making it perfect for both men and women with a casual yet polished look. 

Invest in this statement piece this season without a second thought!


Cozy Teddy Coats

While most Koreans opt for trench coats during the winters, a popular winter Korean outfit is a bit warmer and cozier. You read that right, the beloved teddy coats. You'll see what makes giant teddy jackets such a hit for Korean fashion this winter. To begin with, it does what it says on the tin. From the moment you put this on, you'll look like the perfect Korean winter fashionista! Besides keeping you toasty in cold weather, these are super cute! It's no secret that Koreans are drawn to cute aesthetics, especially in terms of apparel. This is why teddy coats should be on your wardrobe must-haves list!


Huggable Hoodies

When you think of winter Korean outfit styles, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic oversized and baggy hoodie. Both men and women enjoy wearing these hoodies, and their attraction to these kinds of winter Korean outfit designs has a lot to do with comfort. It's true what they say: Comfort is KING! 

Fashionistas in oversized hoodies prove that comfort does not mean sloppy - and this winter Korean outfit staple shows why! Get these cute oversized pieces to give you that stylish yet comfy feeling this winter!


Trendy Turtle Necks

Turtle necks make up the backbone of a winter Korean outfit look. Despite their basic nature, turtle necks are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to your style depending on what you're wearing. Using overall turtleneck or spaghetti strap tops on top of these turtlenecks is a cool winter Korean outfit for winter. 

Furthermore, long trench coats paired with turtleneck tops are a popular part of K-drama wardrobes. As a result of its versatility, turtle neck tops are a preferred winter Korean outfit choice. Make your next winter Korean outfit unforgettable tossing on turtle neck tops!


Sleek Scarves

Do you really think it's possible to rock a winter Korean outfit without wearing a sophisticated scarf? Often seen in Korean winter fashion, these scarves are super fluffy. This winter Korean outfit staple is usually worn over a trench coat or as a standalone accessory, whichever is more prominent! Not just this, but it's also a great eye catcher that matches any winter Korean outfit. Go get yours ASAP!


Handy Hats

Winter Korean outfit trends rely heavily on symmetry, and what really ties everything together in K-fashion is a trendy hat. Hats such as beanies, berets, cozy bucket hats, or even baseball caps can brighten up an outfit and completely transform your look for the better. Making sure you have a variety of this winter Korean outfit accessory allows you to complement everything else on your hangers. A great hat can definitely go a long way. No matter what its style, texture, or color!


Jazzy Baggy Jeans

As far as Korean winter Korean outfit fashion trends go, baggy jeans stand out as one of the hottest items. The WOW look these jeans create upsets the skinny jeans trend and goes well with tucked-in sweaters in the winter months. In spite of the item's bagginess, the style fits in with the style of comfort we love in the winter Korean outfit trend. Then, the footwear options with these pants are endless. You can rock the floor by pairing these jeans with high heels, sports boots, and sneakers!


Sassy Skirts

It is no secret that the schoolgirl look is a huge hit in South Korea. Miniskirts with high waistlines and miniskirts themselves continue to be worn during the winter. Fashion apparels such as these winter Korean outfit trends go well with most people living there since people there are accustomed to the cold climate! As for our readers who want to make a statement with such mini-midi skirts, the best way to wear them is to pair them with tights, stockings, and leggings, and wear sweaters beneath mini dresses. That's how you will turn heads wearing this fashion-forward take this winter!


As winter sets in and the holidays approach, you might be cozying up in your PJs watching your favorite K-drama or fantasizing about going to South Korea. Well, a simple way to make your way there would be to dress in clothes inspired by winter Korean outfit trends— everything from cozy knits and stylish sweaters; to hoodies and hats. Stay in style this winter party season with these winter Korean fashion trends guaranteed to turn heads!  

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