9 Necklines & Their Perfect Jewellery BFFs You Must Know

Ever wondered why some necklaces look stunning with a particular outfit, while others fall flat? The secret lies in finding the perfect harmony between your neckline and your jewelry. A well-chosen necklace can elevate your entire look, while a mismatch can leave you feeling a tad off.

9 Necklines & Their Perfect Jewellery BFFs You Must Know

But fret not, fashionistas! This guide will unveil the best jewelry pairings for the most common necklines. With these tips in your arsenal, you'll be a necklace-pairing pro in no time!

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Let's Talk Necklines: The Right Jewellery Match for Every Style

1. The Classic Crewneck Neckline:

The crewneck is a timeless staple, beloved for its effortless chic. When it comes to neckline jewelry, this is your chance to add a touch of personality. Play with delicate pendant necklaces that sit just below the crewneck's hem.  For a bolder statement, try a chunky choker that peeks out from above.

neckline jewellery: crewneck

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2. The V-Neck: All About Elongation

The V-neck is a universally flattering style that elongates the neck. To complement this effect, choose necklaces that follow the neckline's shape. V-shaped pendants or delicate chains with teardrop stones are perfect choices. Long necklaces with slender pendants work well too, as long as they follow the line of the V.

neckline jewellery: v neck

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3. The Scoop Neck: Highlighting the Collarbone

The scoop neckline beautifully draws attention to your collarbones. Here, you have two main options. A short, curved necklace like a choker or a collarbone necklace will accentuate your décolletage. Alternatively, a statement bib necklace can add a touch of drama and frame the neckline beautifully.

neckline jewellery: scoop neck

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4. The Show-Stopping Strapless:

The strapless neckline allows your jewelry to take center stage. This is your moment to embrace statement necklaces! Bold pendants, chunky chains, or even layered necklaces will add visual interest and complement the open neckline.

neckline jewellery: strapless

Strapless outfits have the power to turn heads and can make you look extremely powerful and confident! Here’s a perfect read to style them: The Guide to Strapless Dresses

5. The Romantic Sweetheart:

The sweetheart neckline is inherently feminine and delicate. Opt for necklaces that echo this romantic vibe. Think dainty pendants with pearls or gemstones, or short, curved necklaces that frame the sweetheart shape.

neckline jewellery: sweetheart neckline

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6. The Sophisticated Boatneck:  

This neckline sits horizontally across the collarbone. To avoid a crowded look, opt for shorter necklaces that rest just below the boatneck. Delicate chains with small pendants or simple chokers are perfect choices.

neckline jewllery:boatneck

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7. The Polished Collar: 

Collared shirts or dresses offer a unique canvas for jewelry. Here, statement earrings or bold brooches take center stage. You can add a delicate pendant necklace if the collar allows, but keep it simple to avoid overwhelming the neckline.

neckline jewllery: collar

A Guide to Shirt Collar Types & How to Choose the Right One is a must read!

8. The Sexy Halter Neck: 

Halter necks draw the eye upwards. Keep the focus on the neckline with minimal jewelry. Small stud earrings or dainty ear climbers are perfect companions. If you must wear a necklace, opt for a very thin chain with a barely-there pendant.

neckline jewllery: halterneck

Everyone loves Halterneck, right? Read this : THE STORY BEHIND THE HALTER-NECK AND HOW TO WEAR IT

9. The Edgy Asymmetric Neckline: 

Asymmetric necklines add a touch of individuality to any outfit.  Balance the unevenness with a necklace that mirrors the asymmetry. A single statement earring can also be a striking choice.

neckline jewllery: asymmetric neckline

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Bonus Tip: Don't forget to consider the overall balance of your outfit. If your outfit already has a lot of detail, a simpler necklace might be better. Conversely, a plain outfit can be brought to life with a statement piece.

By following these simple guidelines and experimenting with different combinations, you'll discover the perfect neckline-jewelry pairings to take your look to the next level!

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