A Guide to Choosing Necklace for Dress Neck Designs

Isn't it frustrating when you have to rush out of your house in 10 minutes with no idea what to wear with different dress neck designs? Trying to perfect your 3-minute shower routine, 5-minute makeup trick, and packing your bag while eating breakfast took you days. This time around, we have difficulty choosing and matching necklaces and jewellery with different dress neck designs. It's an art, people, and we're going to learn it today.

Dress neck designs cover

Not all necklaces complement all dress neck designs and vice versa. (P.S. We regard dresses here as our beloved Desi wear outfits). 

So here's a cheat sheet that shows you how to choose the correct necklace for the most popular necklines! Any kind of outfit - traditional, modern, or fusion - would work well with this!

Before we start, here is a quick guide on Jewellery Care that you shouldn't miss.

How To Choose The Right Necklace for Dress Neck Designs?

Scoop Dress Neck Designs

It is very common to see scoop dress neck design in Indian outfits. An open scoop neckline provides you with an ample amount of skin between your neck and the beginning of your blouse, giving you plenty of room to wear a layered choker. Furthermore, it would be better to wear a bib necklace rather than a single one so as to perfectly coincide with the neckline of the wearer.

scoop dress neck design

V Dress Neck Designs

When you wear a deep plunging v-dress neck design outfit, the wow factor is guaranteed to be high. Adding a long necklace to highlight or border your neckline will definitely boost your look, and it will draw attention to your cleavage while making your neck appear longer. To achieve a flawless look with your V-neckline, add a sleek choker or layered malas.

v dress neck design

Strapless Dress Neck Designs

Are you looking for a way to show off your collarbones or neckline? What could be better than a strapless dress neck design? You must pair it up perfectly with the right piece of jewellery to make it look flawless. Choosing shorter pendants or sleek chokers will prevent your shoulders or collarbones from being overshadowed. 

strapless dress neck designs

High Neck Dress Designs

Whenever you wear a blouse or outfit with high dress neck designs, you should skip the neckpiece if it is embellished at the neckline or collar. Alternatively, if it's not, choose a long necklace - either one with a pendant or a simple chain necklace. Anything else won't look as good.

high dress neck designs

Sweetheart Dress Neck Designs

Of all the necklines, sweetheart dress neck designs are probably the hottest. This neckline will look great with a princess-length necklace or choker set with a drop. They are sure to make you stand out among the crowd and you will be sure to get lots of compliments as well.

sweetheart dress neck design

Get a hang of Evolution of Sweetheart Headline here.

Square Dress Neck Designs 

A dress neck design like this makes the neck stand out a lot. The result is a very dramatic statement necklace that commands attention. Such designs look great with chokers, especially wide ones with layered strands. 

square dress neck designs

Off Shoulder Dress Neck Designs

This is another dress neck design that shows off a lot of skin, and you can make it as simple or dramatic as you like! Be sure the necklace doesn't end right at your neckline. Chokers and necklaces below your neckline are both extremely flattering. Keeping the necklace's design in sync with the outfit's embellishments is another important thing to keep in mind when wearing off-shoulder blouses.

off shoulder dress neck designs

Boat Dress Neck Designs

In this case, the dress neck design doesn't go too deep, perhaps ending just above the collarbone. Consider wearing a choker if you have a high back. If the neckline has already been embellished, skip the necklace and opt instead for statement earrings and hair ornaments. 

boat dress neck design

(All image source: Pinterest)

Many women find pairing their necklace with right kind of dress neck designs to be a bit of a challenge. The right neckpiece can make or break your outfit's neckline. Fortunately, if you keep these few rules in mind, you can succeed at pairing and shine like a star. 

We understand how hard can be to achieve that “perfect” look and be well versed with what goes with what when it comes to accessorising your outfits. And that’s why we have a special section dedicated to this. More fashion feasts await you, do visit our blog section specially curated for all you fashionistas! ♥️

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