Must Have Earrings On Saree To Rock Your Desi Look

There is nothing quite as glamorous and timeless as a saree, which can instantly transform you into a diva. Sarees offer plenty of room for creativity, allowing you to experiment with your outfit when you wear one. And our first thought when it comes to experimenting is accessorizing. 

Earrings On saree- Cover

It is truly amazing how earrings can transform a look without the need for any other accessories. A powerful pair of earrings on saree can finish your ensemble even if you don't have much room for neckpieces or aren't willing to wear one. Earrings on saree can help you slay everywhere, from daily wear to parties, and from western to ethnic!

In this article, we will discuss what types of earrings look good with sarees for different occasions. Read on to learn more!

Different Types of Earrings On Saree To Get You Grooving 

Stud Earrings On Saree

They are one of the most common yet fashionable types of earrings. The sizes and shapes vary, but they are designed to fit the ears properly. One of their biggest advantages is that they don't cause the ears to drop down since they aren't too heavy. 

Now, stud earrings on saree perfectly complement plain attire at their finest. There is a saying that says the simpler you dress, the more elegant you will appear. "Stud earrings" are what make you elegant here. There is nothing quite like a very simple saree with these studs to make you look gorgeous.

Stud on saree

Hoops Earrings On Saree

This is the kind of earring that somehow finds a spot in every woman's closet. Their size makes them easily recognizable to anyone. Additionally, they are available in different shapes such as rectangles and pentagons, making them even more fascinating and attractive. Hoops earrings on saree look great with Indo-Western styles, giving you the best of both worlds.

hoops on saree


Drop Earrings On Saree

The versatility of drop earrings is unmatched. Adding drop earrings on saree will give the outfit an enhanced "power puff" look and style. You may think drop earrings are too loud at first, but, they add a touch of femininity to your pretty saree looks. To get the best look, wear them with a cocktail saree and messy hair bun.

Drop earrings on saree

Jhumka Earrings On Saree

There is no doubt that Jhumkas are a favorite among women because they add the magic that no other jewelry can match. Truth be told, a set of Jhumkas is sure to make its way into our bags as soon as we lay eyes on them.

When it comes to sarees, the traditional jhumka is worn when wearing silk sarees, and banarsi sarees, but when worn with a plain black saree, get ready to take center stage, lady! Not just that, you can rock jhumka earrings on saree even when wearing printed cotton sarees to work. That's what makes Jhumkas so special.

Jhumka on saree

Chandbali Earrings On Saree

The Chandbalis are one of the most elegant and beautiful forms of earrings. The piece reflects the royalty and charm of a woman that everyone admires. Chic and classy at the same time. If you're planning on attending a formal party or wedding event, Chandbali earrings on saree are a great addition to your outfit. Their elegance goes perfectly with traditional sarees. Keep your ears enchanted with Chandbali earrings when wearing a traditional saree next time.

(P.S. Talking about royalty, take a look at 5 Rare Jewels Owned By Royals In India)

chandbali on saree

Tassel Earrings On Saree

It goes without saying that we all know at least one pair of earrings with this name. Wool, yarn, and other materials are used to make these earrings, which are known for their bubbly yet elegant look. Wear tassels with sarees that have a boho look and you won't need to match them with necklaces. 

tassel earrings on saree

You have probably gained enough insight into the relevance earrings on saree hold by now. If yes, then you are prepared to slay every event. But wait, there’s more to itㅡ 

Tips for wearing earrings on saree

After you've learned how to pick the perfect earrings for your outfit, keep reading for some tips on how to wear them effectively:

  • You should make sure that your earrings don't weigh too much. You may feel discomfort if they pull down on your ears.
  • Don't wear chandelier earrings or danglers that are too long. You may get caught with them in your hair or on your clothes if you do this.
  • The best way to show off your earrings is to wear your hair in a bun or ponytail if you have long hair.

Examples Of Stylish Earring Combinations For Sarees

Make a splash wherever you go with these earrings on saree combos!

White saree and pearl earrings: Perfect for formal events, this combination is classic and elegant which will make you feel like you belong to the royals!

Bright colored sarees paired with Kundan or meenakari earrings

This is a great choice for traditional events such as family gatherings. Put on these earrings on saree and be the talk of the town as you embrace the queen vibe!

A printed saree with modern enamel earrings: 

It's perfect for office parties or casual gatherings. Experiment these kinds of earrings on saree and become the fashionista of your office!

When choosing an outfit for an occasion, accessorizing might not be the first thing that crosses your mind, but a pair of stunning earrings can elevate a simple outfit like no other. 

Although a saree itself doesn't need an introduction, adding the right accessories always enhances its appearance. It is amazing how even the smallest pair of earrings on saree can make a person's whole look brighter. 

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