Stunning Ways To Style Your Jewellery With Lehenga 

It's safe to say that most popular Indian attire, aside from sarees, are the magnificent and majestic lehengas. World-renowned, and now a part of global fashion, lehengas are a top choice for special occasions, including weddings. But, every attire is like a cake that needs cherry on it’s top for it to look more stunning. For lehengas, that cherry is jewellery. Therefore, this upcoming wedding season, the art of styling jewellery with lehengas should be on your to-do-list!

jewellery with lehenga cover

A multitude of stunning looks can be achieved using lehengas, since, after all, it is a versatile garments, and can be stitched in a variety of ways. In addition to their versatility, lehengas can fit almost any body type, just as sarees can. There are a number of ways to dress this outfit down or up, but the real dealmaker (or deal-breaker) is the jewellery with lehenga chosen to complement it. Depending on the jewellery it’s worn with, the simplest of designs can look very elegant – or even the most beautifully made and stitched lehenga can look dowdy when paired with the wrong jewellery.

Let’s take you on a ride where you’ll experience ways to pair your jewellery with lehenga ㅡ the right way!

What It Takes To Pair Your Favourite Jewellery With Lehenga

Earringsㅡ Elegant Jewellery With Lehenga

Most types of earrings look good with lehengas, and you can choose your jewellery for lehenga with gemstones that complement your choli's colour. Chandbali designs especially look wonderful with lehengas. They have that Mughal feel and vibe. However, you don't have to limit yourself to this design. You can also opt for traditional jhumkas. Either way, you can't go wrong. 

earrings as jewellery with lehenga

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Nose rings ㅡ Noteworthy Jewellery With Lehenga

Whatever your nose piercing status, nose rings add a touch of style to lehengas. You can wear a teeny-tiny nose pin or a dramatic biggy nose ring to catch eyes. Nope, you wouldn't leave your nose bare if you had it pierced. Nose rings as jewellery for lehenga add that “extraness” to your attire and trust us when we say this, you’re so gonna be the buzz of the town if you wear one!

Nosering as jewellery with lehenga

Bangles and bracelets ㅡ Breathtaking Jewellery With Lehenga

Lehengas have a distinctive design that will affect what you wear around your wrist. Wearing subtle bracelets will help you show off your choli design if you have heavy work on it. Conversely, you can add a pinch of spice and buzz to your outfit with heavy bangles if you’ve got a simple lehenga. Remember that the choli's sleeve has its own dramatic design, so the bracelet or bangles you wear shouldn't disappear. 

bangles as jewellery with lehenga

Necklaces ㅡ Notable Must Have Jewellery With Lehenga

When choosing a necklace, pay attention to the neckline. Necklaces should complement earrings and bracelets. The reason why chokers are popular is that they do not compromise the kind of work done on the lehenga. If you're wearing a choker necklace, you might want to tone down the rest of your jewellery. Alternatively, a layered beaded ‘mala’ necklace jewellery for lehenga looks just as stunning to give you the look of a desi traditional girl. 

necklace as jewellery with lehenga

Rings - A Ravishing Jewellery With Lehenga

Having fun with your rings shouldn't be compromised because you are wearing a lehenga. Even though rings may not catch the eye because of the lehenga or necklace, this jewellery for lehenga is sure to add a touch of elegance to your look. It doesn't matter how simple the gold band is, it won't take away from the glamour of the outfit or accessories. 

rings as jewellery with lehenga

A Few More Tips To Make The Most Of Your Jewellery With Lehenga

It's All About Contrast

Many ladies think coordinating their jewellery with lehenga will perfectly complete their look. While that may look good in some cases, experiment with contrast to make the ultimate statement. Your pink lehenga will look more dramatic and elegant when worn with emeralds rather than rubies. Also, when you colour contrast your jewellery and lehenga, each gets its due attention.

contrast jewellery with lehenga


Blouse Necklines Are Important

Choosing your jewellery with lehenga based on the neckline of your blouse is another essential aspect of matching it to your lehenga. If you have a low blouse neckline, chokers are a great choice. However, layered or long necklaces such as rani haar, or no jewellery at all, complement a higher blouse neckline well. 

Neckline for jewellery with lehenga

Kamarbandh For An Added Kick

Having something around your waist while wearing your lehenga has become quite a trend recently, and we should give credit to our South Indian brides for pioneering it in the first place! Despite the fact that it is traditional and gold, it is not the only option available. From the modern waist belt to the floral skirt belt - there are lots of options available to style this particular jewellery with lehenga. Not only do they look great, but they also keep your dupatta secure!

kamarbandh as jewellery with lehenga

(Here is an interesting article on Kamarbandh designs for all the brides wishing to turn heads with their bridal look!) 

Choosing jewellery that will go with an Indian outfit, whether it be a saree or a lehenga, takes a special skill.  Ensure that your accessories do not clash with one another or with your outfit. Everything from your metal to your gemstones to your style should be cohesive, regardless of what you choose. Come on, lovely ladies, dare to experiment with your look by combining your luscious jewellery with lehengas.

To get to know more about fashion, check out our blogs and discover all things style!

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