The Art Of Styling Summer Clothes In Winter Season

We usually stow away all our pretty summer outfits during the winter, but does it really have to be that way? Winter doesn't mean you have to wear the dullest of colors, right? So let your style and fashion not suffer from the weather and give your winters some summer hues by using summer clothes in winter season.

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For those who spent all their paychecks on the summer sale, wipe those sweaty foreheads, because the 'reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy extends way beyond your kitchen trash. Check out these ways to refashion your summer favorites for winter.

9 Ways To Style Your Breezy Clothes In Winter Season

Layer up to Level up

The importance of layers cannot be overstated. Adding a blazer to your summer dress will make it look chic. If you want to add an extra layer of warmth, top off your look with a trench coat. The floral and cotton outfits you wore last summer don't need to be hidden away. With a plain jacket or blazer, these will add some pizzazz to your winter wardrobe. Put on stockings and mix and match scarves to show off your summer clothes in winter season!

Layering the clothes

Turtlenecks Are Your Saviors

There's been a huge trend lately of layering turtlenecks under everything from T-shirts to dresses, and it's the ultimate cold weather fashion hack. A turtleneck is a great way to wear a summer dress and other clothes in winter season. Make sure you invest in at least one or two high-quality turtlenecks. Neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, and grey are best. Turtlenecks have the ability to bring a dash of oomph to your outfit!

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Turtle Neck

Color Your Cold Weather Palette

People typically assume that you should stick to a neutral color scheme of whites, blacks, and browns when it comes to winter dressing. But, if you like bright colors, you're more than welcome to wear them. Everybody needs a little cheering up on gray days. A skirt or pants in a dark tone, combined with a bright or even printed top, is all you need to pop up your outfit with summer clothes in winter season. Combine neutrals with a splash of color! Whether it's a top, jacket, or scarf, it makes an outfit come alive.

Colorful Winter Clothing

Crop Tops? Why Not?

So you got tons of crop tops in different colors and prints, right? Don't put them away for later. It's all about layering with this style! Under a brightly colored knit cardigan, layer a crop top in a solid pattern to dress up your brunch look. You can also wear the crop top over a single-color shirt or turtleneck. Wear a fur coat for a statement look that will gear up your cozy clothes in winter season!

Crop top with cardigan

A Maxi Dress to Maximize Your Style

You believe that maxi dresses belong only to summer? You may want to reconsider. It's true that these floor-length beauties are mostly worn in the summer, but they can make a stylish winter outfit with the proper layering. It's best to wear leather jackets that match your waist for maxi dresses because it appears proportionate. Combine this rebellious, street-style outfit with combat boots or white sneakers to amp up your look using summer clothes in winter season!

maxi dress with jacket

The Best Way To Upgrade Indian Summer Clothes In Winter Season

Cold weather doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your pretty sarees and suits. It's just a matter of finding a balance between looking trendy and beautiful while not freezing you to death.

Cropped Sweater

There is no reason why you can't wear a cropped sweater with a saree, in place of a blouse to glam up your clothes in winter season. Usually, black, brown, or white ones go well with ethnic wear, but you can also use bright colors in a color-blocked style. If you are wearing your saree during peak winter, you can pair a jumper (even a turtleneck) underneath.

Cropped sweater with saree

Swaying The Dupatta For A Shawl

Getting it right can be tricky unless you disturb the color palette. Invest in a velvet or pashmina wrap that matches the rest of your ensemble. Shawls, nowadays, come in many colors, embroidered, glittery, and sequined. Shawls can also be worn with sarees as a second pallu. On the other hand, if you're wearing a heavy saree or suit, consider wearing a basic shawl for contrast.

Shawl with Indian wear

Don Your Denim Or Leather Jacket

This is a great way to meld summer wear clothes in winter season. Also, it gives off a fashion-forward biker chic vibe. There is no need to worry about mixing and matching since denim and leather jackets go with almost everything. In case you want to experiment with your personal style, try ankle-length boots.

Denim jacket with saree

Dress Up Your Ethnic Wear With A Coat

Don't worry, you won't look like your college professor. Even if you do, it's okay, right? When wearing a supple cotton saree, wear a coat in black or beige to complete the look. It's important to choose a coat that is neutral in color so your ethnic clothes won't be overshadowed.

Saree with blazer

And, there you have it! You can become a fashionista by wearing summer clothes in winter season! One of the first questions smart shoppers ask themselves is, "Can I wear this piece with multiple items?" But the real question most of us don't ask is: “Is this piece suitable for multiple seasons?”
Will you brave the cold waters by wearing your favorite summer clothes in winter season this year?

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