What You Need To Know About Top-Notch Jewelry Photography

How do you capture the most exquisite details of one shining stone framed by magnificently precious metal? Any precious item will appear as effectively and charmingly as possible when photographed with high-quality jewelry photography. So what’s the trick behind it?

Jewelry photography cover

You can stagnate your jewelry sales for several reasons if you cannot feel, touch, and try on jewelry products when you shop online. You want your target shoppers to feel confident that the items will fit them perfectly. There is a great deal of challenge involved in jewelry photography. Getting a good shot of products is challenging because of their small size and reflective nature. It's just a matter of planning your shoot to avoid disaster and embarrassment. 

What You Need To Know To Make Your Jewelry Photography Sparkle

Get Your Props And Materials Ready

  • Natural light and a window

Shiny jewelry photography shouldn't be done when using your camera's flash! White light spots will appear on your product as a result of the reflection of the bright light of the jewelry, leaving harsh shadows behind. Unless you're a professional photographer with a very professional studio, use natural lighting to photograph your jewelry photography. With natural lighting, be sure to position your product near a window during the day so you can take advantage of the sun's indirect light.

jewelry photography light

  • White/ Black paper or sheet as a backdrop

Since most jewelry is reflective, it absorbs all colours, so you should shoot on a white backdrop to avoid altering the piece's colour. Also, while jewelry photography, shooting on a white backdrop will also enhance the brightness of your product because white reflects light better than dark colours. Jewelry has the size advantage over something like a plain blue chair, even though it's harder to execute jewelry photography than anything else. At the same time, black evokes a sense of elegance and glamour, which explains its dominance in the luxury goods market. Black backgrounds draw the eye to jewelry, especially light-coloured pieces, mainly because dark backgrounds create contrast and set the mood, which then adds drama. 

 A white or black backdrop doesn't require you to stretch a sheet of paper from wall to wall - just fold it in half and stand it up. That's all there is to it!

(P.S. Get to know more about jewelry photography in white backdrop here)

jewelry photography white background       jewelry photography black background

  • A mannequin bust

Make your jewelry look as good as possible by using props. Mannequin busts, which are great for giving your necklaces a realistic shape, are available at most craft stores.

There are many stores that carry black busts since they give jewelry an elegant look and make it stand out. Nevertheless, jewelry photography taken on white backgrounds will not detract from the beauty of the piece. 

Mannequin jewelry photography

Clean Your Product

It's easy for cameras to detect things like smudges, dust, and other unsightly marks. The pieces can be edited out later, but it saves you time, in the long run, to clean them thoroughly before you begin your jewelry photography. Use your ultrasonic cleaner to thoroughly clean your jewelry. In case steam cleaning is possible, do so. Fingerprints should never be left on surfaces when executing jewelry photography. Wear gloves at all times.

jewelry photography gloves

Angles To Amplify The Finish Product

Try to include as much jewelry as possible during your jewelry photography by taking multiple shots. Make sure you take multiple images from different angles to showcase every detail. The combination of close-ups, side views, and overhead views makes for interesting angles and eliminates future “Can I see this piece from a different angle?” inquiries.

jewelry photography angles

Share Your Creative Process

Stories have the power to change people's behaviours and attitudes. The emotional appeal of a story stimulates our brain to release oxytocin - a chemical messenger that triggers positive emotions such as kindness, happiness, empathy, and cooperation. A good story will sustain your audience's attention and ultimately win their hearts. You need to tell them stories that will excite them about your jewelry. While executing jewelry photography, try telling stories that evoke emotions that ultimately lead to purchases.

jewelry photography story

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Jewelry Photography 

Using Unprepared Products During Jewelry Photography

Basically, unprepared products aren't ready for the jewelry photography shoot. Consider a scenario in which a model is dressed in the clumsiest manner for a photo shoot and you start taking pictures. You'd be surprised at what you'd get. In the same way, jewelry products should be cleaned with a dust-free cloth before you take close-ups in order to avoid any fingerprints or dust. After post-production/editing and when the final product is ready, those details that aren't visible during the shoot will be visible. It is best to avoid jewelry that has cracks or scratches.

Complex Setting During Jewelry Photography

The reason behind having a subtle backdrop is in order to keep the focus on your main product when shoppers browse through your online store. During jewelry photography, if the background is plain and simple, the colours of the products are easily judged and are properly represented.

It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” ㅡ The images you use for your jewelry can make or break the success of your business. Shoppers won't buy if they are unable to see detailed jewelry images on your website. Jewelry photography, when done correctly, can be your saviour and your business's success pill. You'd better make the most of it!

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