What's the Best Purple Colour Combination: A Style Guide

Before we delve into the do’s and don’ts of the purple colour combination, take a moment to savour the beauty of this royal shade. 

Purple, which is derived from blue and red, symbolizes loyalty and a regal attitude. An enigmatic colour, purple exudes confidence and power in the world of fashion. Known for its soothing appearance and strong vibrancy, purple has a strong feminine association. As a rare colour, it is almost never found naturally, unless it has been subdued and tamed. Colour blocking or using the same colour scheme can help you create stunning outfits in purple colour combination. 

purple colour combination cover

Pairing various purple colour combination can be challenging since the wrong shade can ruin an outfit in an instant. Even if you're wearing all purple, the colour scheme is crucial, since one wrong move can ruin the whole outfit. 

Purple Colour Combination: The Basics

Purple is versatile and doesn't stick to any particular trend. Nonetheless, since the colour palette is so wildly unpredictable, it may be a good idea to be cautious with a purple colour combination. As a result, the first step is to determine what shades of purple go well with them.

Neutral shades: If you're a beginner, this is a great option. You can create a stylish and concise outfit by wearing purple with white, beige, grey or black.

Cold shades:  Any shade of purple is well complemented by cold colours. The cold forms of pink will add a sense of mystery to the images. A summer ensemble will look chic in turquoise and mint. A gentle, romantic image will be created with blue. Must-try colours for rocking the purple colour combination like a pro!

Warm shades: Combining warm shades with purple is also a good idea. Bright, attractive looks are created when red and orange are combined. In order to make such a catchy purple colour combination more interesting, it is recommended to add a neutral shade as a third colour.

purple colour combination- all shades

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Here are a few outfit ideas for the Purple Colour Combination

You can style purple colour outfits quite easily if you aren't intimidated by the power of this colour or the regal nature of this colour. Don't be afraid to experiment with this colour and use contrasting colours whenever you are unsure. 

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Purple Colour Combination With Red

The colour purple is derived from the combination of red and blue. As a result, this combination seems effortless in most cases. It is possible to look stylish and chic with the right planning. A dark purple turtleneck goes well with a pair of red straight pants customized to your size. It's that simple, you're done. 

purple colour combination- red

Purple Colour Combination With White

This colour combination sounds like candy aesthetics, right? Grab a white crop top and purple baggy pants to get that K-Pop vibe. And you know what would be better? A co-ord set incorporated with a white tee inside! Just as shown in the picture below. Give it a try! 

purple colour combination with white

Purple Colour Combination With Brown

A pair of high-waisted straight ankle-length leather pants is the ultimate in trendy and contemporary fashion. The two shades of brown and purple must be highlighted in a brown and purple combination. The cropped knit sweater should be lavender in colour, and the bottoms should be tan brown. You can play with the footwear by choosing a lighter shade for the stilettos and you’re done! 

purple colour combination with brown

Purple Colour Combination With Beige

Imagine this look: A beige trench coat is draped over your shoulders and violet high-waisted pants are worn with a white collar shirt. Instead of a coat, you can also wear a leather blazer.  Add aviators, pale pumps, and a classy matte finish bag to the look for an element of funk. Quiet a swanky look, right?

purple colour combination with beige

Purple Colour Combination With Blue

Adding an oversized lilac turtleneck and a black leather puffer jacket to loose straight-cut blue jeans is the definition of smart and casual. You can complete the look with white sneakers and a black leather bag. 

purple colour combination with blue

All Purple Outfit

It might seem stupid to wear the same colour from top to bottom, but you gotta try this look to get that “rich girl” vibe! If you combine the same tone of purple with matching fur coats and gold studs and necklaces, you'll be ready to party in no time.

purple colour combination all purple

What Not To Do With Purple Colour Combination

Even though there are no right or wrong answers in this scenario, there are a few shades that are not going to complement purple; especially when designing an outfit, since the colour is quite bright. It's mostly a matter of personal taste and preference, but sometimes the wrong shade of white or blue can create a sense of unease. It's not only just the colours that can look out of place at times, but it can also be certain prints, such as leopard prints, which might be out of place at times.

(P.S. All image source: Pinterest)

In order to create outfits that are fashionable and trendy, it goes without saying that colour coordination is a crucial component. You do not want to tame down the power and royalty that is in the colour purple. Combining your purple piece of cloth with the above-mentioned colour combinations will not just add a little glamour to your entire look but also make you look like a fashionista! 

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