Best Dog Names In India To Give Your Poochie A Desi Vibe

Before we start with listing down dog names in India, let's acknowledge that as a dog parent (if you're one), keeping that perfect name for your pooch can be challenging! We'll tell you what's the easiest way to do it: Allocating a desi name to your furry friend. Yeah. It's quirky, funny, and desi. Presenting you with the best dog names in India

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You can express your passion for your heritage through the names you choose for your dog, and choosing Hindi dog names in India is a great way to show your love for Indian culture in general. There are plenty of options for your new dog to inspire you, whether you'd like to highlight the beauty of an Indian language such as Hindi, Bengali, or celebrate your favourite cuisine.

You must have heard these dog names in India quite often. No matter if you’ve adopted an Indie dog or bought a breed dog - local dog names In India are sure to suit all of your pooches.  You may want to give your dog a Hindi name for any number of reasons — with our comprehensive list, you can do just that! Below, we’ll showcase some of the dog names in India we recommend for you to choose from. Let's get started!

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Dog Names In India - For Male Dogs 

Is your best buddy a shining example of Indian culture? Your canine companion may be suited to one of these male dog names. 

  • Raja - King
  • Yogi - one who meditates
  • Tiger - Wild animal
  • Baloo - from The Jungle Book
  • Mowgli - also from The Jungle Book
  • Shera - Lion
  • Bagheera - Panther
  • Chotu - Small
  • Champak - Flower
  • Piku - A Movie Character
  • Saabu - A comic character
  • Lambu - Tall

Dog Names India - For Female Dogs

  • Abha – Beauty, luminous in Sanskrit
  • Alka – Sanskrit name referring to long hair
  • Asha – Hope
  • Bindu – A drop
  • Champa – Flower
  • Dakshi – Glorious
  • Devi - Goddess
  • Rubi - Precious Stone
  • Diya – Light
  • Indra – Rainbow
  • Jiya – Heart
  • Khushi - Happiness
  • Naina – Eyes
  • Smita – Happy face
  • Sherni - Lioness
  • Sona – Gold
  • Tara – Star
  • Tanu – Slim
  • Sona – Gold, Wisdom
  • Pari - Princess
  • Mithi - Sweet
  • Rani - Queen

Dog Names In India - Based On Indian Food

Yes, you read that right! All of us have heard of dogs named after desi food. And here’s a small, cute list about it - 

  • Chutney -  a cold sauce made from fruit, vinegar, sugar, and spices.
  • Momo - an Indian version of Dumplings
  • Kaju - cashew nut
  • Laddoo - A type of sweet
  • Anguri - Derived from a hindi fruit name called “Angur”
  • Imli - Tamarind
  • Chikki - traditional Indian sweet (brittle) generally made from nuts and jaggery/sugar.

How to Choose The Perfect Dog Names In India

Not satisfied yet? History, art, culture, fashion, and your family tree may provide some of the best dog names in India. Find a dog name you and your pet both like, because you'll be saying it quite often... actually, a lot! 

As you begin your journey together with your dog, naming him or her is just the beginning! To see which choice sticks, use your imagination, have fun, and try out your favourites with your new pup. Often, that's what it comes down to. It doesn't matter whether you're adopting an older dog or looking for puppy names, try out the above-mentioned options and choose the one that sounds best to you.

Have a happy paw journey! 🐾

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