These 8 Jewelry Mehndi Designs Will Blow Your Mind 

It's no secret that fun, quirky, and elaborate jewellery trends are all the rage, and each wedding season brings a fresh take on Mehndi with new jewellery designs. Don't miss out on the trend this wedding season by accessorizing with jewelry mehndi designs combining traditional motifs with contemporary and new jewelry mehndi designs and wear your mehndi as jewellery pieces.

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All bridesmaids will find this trend exceptionally pleasing since they have another chance to express themselves in a unique way. Take your entire look to the next level with these stunning jewelry mehndi designs.

Jewelry mehndi designs -  plenty to choose from

We have all seen mehndi designs that can be applied as jewelry. You can wear mehndi as rings, bracelets, anklets, and in a variety of ways after reading this article!

The Hathphool Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Most people would find this bail design simple enough for any artist to make. Due to the fact that it is a relatively new pattern, it gives the illusion of wearing a hand harness. In situations like family functions or dinner parties, where your hands are full of work and you don't have time to apply henna on your hands, this design is perfect. 

Try these  jewelry mehndi designs pattern that doesn't require special artistic skills and can be applied in minutes. Considering that this is a hathphool mehndi, it is best suited to the back of the hand and isn't recommended for the front.

hathphool jewelry mehndi design

Flower Bangles Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Easy-to-apply flower bangle jewelry mehndi designs are a ideal for those who prefer to go wrist-free and do not want heavy bangles. Flower Bangles Mehndi style is similar to the bangle style. Keeping your wrist simple is what it's all about, just to make your hand appear full of bangles. Mehndi can also be done simply with less chain work, like in the case of flower bracelets. If you have a wedding event coming up and wanna look trendy, then this is what you need.

bangles jewelry mehndi designs


The Chained Jewelry Mehndi Designs

These jewelry mehndi designs looks great with western outfits because of its jewellery-inspired theme. The simple chain jewelry mehndi designs is where you make a line of dots or small flowers. To create a bewitching necklace look, use a cute chain with a pendant design to enhance the style even more.

chained jewelry mehndi design

Ring Jewelry Mehndi Designs

If you're making sets for your traditional jewellery pieces, coordinating each accessory with the other, why not also make matching mehndi jewellery sets? Are you into the idea? Just look the image below, resembling a finger ring cum chain and the wrist part similar to a wristband, this mehndi Arabic design is gorgeous. 

Want to know everything about mehndi? Here's a cool article that explains everything you need to know about mehndi.

ring jewelry mehndi design

Geometric Jewelry Mehndi Designs

The symmetrical, modern and classic designs of this hand harness is what makes it so appealing as  jewelry mehndi designs. Geometric patterns are well balanced across the palm's front and are embellished with pearlized dots along the border.

geometric jewelry mehndi design

Ankle Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Is wearing silver or synthetic anklets becoming a bore? Here's your solution- You can use henna on your feet to draw patterns, dots, and lines. You can easily make it at home at any time. Your feet will definitely look elegant and lovely in the design.

ankle jewelry mehndi design

Peacock Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Peacock has been an epitome of everything Indian. Be it saree prints, jewellery designs or mehndi designs. The Indian national bird has made a special place in every styling accessory. When it comes to mehndi, if there is no peacock dancing on your palms, it's almost like something is missing. Don’t miss a chance to get your hands or feet adorned with this bird in the mehndi design! 

peacock jewelry mehndi design

Bajubandh Jewelry Mehndi Designs

There is already a great deal of admiration for bajuband among women in every culture, and when our mehndi is designed with floral patterns and patterns, it will definitely look incredible and beautiful. There is something gorgeous about this floral bajubandh Mehendi design, particularly on a newlywed woman with thick outlines, flower motifs, curves, and spirals. Whether you choose small or large flower motifs, it's completely up to you! Be stylish and contemporary with this floral Bajuband mehendi design!

bajubaandh jewelry mehndi design

Whenever it comes to jewelry mehndi designs, it is always a classic move to begin with the basics. The best place to start is with anklets, bracelets, and rings. A gorgeous necklace, armlet, arm cuff, or belly chain can be created by your mehndi artist if you want something absolutely breathtaking. 

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