11 Neck Designs for Tops That Every Woman Should Own

The neck designs for tops are a key component of your outfit, and they can make or break your style. Your neckline should be shaped based on what you look like, what your shoulders look like, what your bust looks like, etc. It may be easy for you to recognize three or four different neck designs for tops, but there are dozens. You have plenty of options to choose from according to your preferences. 

neck designs for tops

Various necklines add value to a garment, and each adds an element of individuality. All these necklines consciously or unconsciously create a difference. Listed below are different neck designs for tops that you should take a look at. 

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Neck Designs For Tops You've Got To Have 

Asymmetrical Neck Designs For Tops

Essentially, one shoulder is bare and one strap runs across the opposite shoulder and under the armhole to create this look. The design is quite striking and it is very effective when it is shown off in a plain coloured fabric where it really makes a fashion statement.

asymmetrical neck designs for tops

Boat Neck Designs For Tops 

This is a type of neckline that is wider. It flatters the wearer's neck area and is graceful.  Some call it the 'Bateau' neckline.  Necklines with boat shapes draw the eye to the shoulders and lower neck of the wearer.  The collarbone is nicely balanced by it and benefits people with wider hips or narrow faces.  With these neck designs for tops, you will have a complementary look that is open and very feminine. 

boat neck designs for tops

Cowl Neck Designs For Tops 

Do you need something soft and drapey?  To allow for drapes in the neck area, the cowl neck has extra fabric in the cut. A cowl neck looks great on all body types when made from soft material.  Depending on the weight and texture of the fabric, the drapes will fall differently. Knit sweaters and stretch fabrics work well with this style.

cowl neck designs for tops

Collared Neck Designs For Tops 

A staple in most of our work wardrobes collared neck designs for tops suit a wide range of shapes. As a result, the collar distracts and draws attention away from the bust area. You can wear collars with points, rounded edges, or even asymmetric shapes, and they can be worn at different heights as well. A collar can be attached to a closed bodice as well as a buttoned front.

collared neck designs for tops

Halter Neck Designs For Tops 

A halter neck elongates the shoulders and creates a balanced look by flattering broad shoulders with well-toned arms.  As a result of the neckline, attention is drawn to the central position of the design instead of the wide shoulders. If you have an athlete's body or tall shoulders, this neck is an ideal option for you.

halter neck designs for tops

Jewel  Neck Designs For Tops 

The jewel neckline is so named because it is worn where a necklace is worn.

There are many different types of necklines for tops, but the Jewel neckline is one of the most popular. Similar to a crew neckline, however its cut differs slightly from that of the round neckline. Tops and dresses commonly feature this neck design.

jewel neck designs for tops

High Neck Or Turtle Neck Designs For Tops 

It is best suited to people with long necks.  In addition to being worn under the chin, it also covers the area around the neckline. It is often possible to fold the excess fabric down to the height you desire on turtle necks. Winter is the perfect time for these types of necklines. 

Halternecks have been all the rage lately. Learn about The Radical History & Psychology Of Turtlenecks for further insight on these!

high neck designs for tops

Keyhole Neck Designs For Tops 

In the keyhole neckline, there is a hole just under the edge, and you can choose any design for this hole, circular, oval, or any other. As well as that, the whole's location can be adjusted according to your specifications. It is possible to have a neckline with a hole in the front, or you can get one with a hole in the back as well. 

Keyhole neck designs for tops

Sweetheart  Neck Designs For Tops 

Sweetheart necklines are one of the most adorable and beautiful necklines for tops.  In the sweetheart neckline, the lower portion of the neckline resembles the top portion of the heart. There are many occasions when you can wear this neckline, including your wedding. It is rare to find a design that can compare to this one, as it has a curved shape heart that wraps around the front of the bust line. Without a doubt, this is one of the most appealing neck designs for tops that every girl should have in her closet.

sweetheart neck designs for tops

Off-shoulder Neck Designs For Tops 

There is no need to introduce the Bardot neckline or the off-shoulder neckline. Your neck and shoulders will be easily admired by others with this neck design. You can try adding this neckline to your list as one of the most attractive options. Having an off-shoulder neckline is quite popular today thanks to its ease of wearing and stylish appeal because it is so effortless.

offshoulder neck designs for tops

Plunging Neck Designs For Tops 

Deep Vs or plunging necklines elongate the body of the wearer and add drama to the look.  To avoid a wardrobe malfunction, the tape may be necessary to hold the headband in place. This style does wonders for all of you gorgeous ladies, and boosts your confidence!

plunging neck designs for tops

So this concludes our list of some of the best neck designs for tops, dresses, and other apparel. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. They're all slender and good-looking. Which neckline do you like the most in a dress? The neckline can make or break your look, so choose wisely.

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