Jewellery With Black Saree : How To Elevate Your Look

Before we get started on the different ways you can wear jewellery with black saree, let's take a moment to consider how beautiful black sarees are! Black sarees make us weak in the knees, don't they? The temptation is so great that we often give in to it and buy it! In other words, it's a traditional version of the Little Black Dress that we've always loved. A fusion of sophistication and sexiness! It exudes exotic charm! In addition, when styled properly, jewellery with black saree is a sheer work of art. 

jewellery with black saree cover

When you pair these gorgeous sarees with the right jewellery, they become ethereal. Besides amplifying its beauty, accessories let you show off your fashion sense. The time has come to get your wardrobe equipped with multiple accessories that match black sarees. Check out this guide to finding jewellery with black saree. Let's go!

8 Ways to Wear Jewellery With Black Saree

Oxidized Jewellery with Black Saree - For That Boho Look

Currently, people are all over oxidized silver jewellery. Whatever the costume type, oxidized jewellery compliments all ensembles without a problem. Similarly, this kind of jewellery with black saree is an epitome of uniquity. The tarnished appearance of these accessories makes them the perfect match for black sarees.

Pair your saree with an oxidized choker necklace for a look that is unique, elegant, and Boho en apiece. Your black saree can also be complemented with multiple oxidized necklaces of different lengths. 

oxidised jewellery with black saree

Want to find out how you can wear jewellery, especially necklaces, with various neck designs? Here's a guide just for you! Have a look here

Gold Jewellery With Black Saree - For That Royal Look

Gold jewellery with black saree are age-old companions. The colour black is somewhat dull, so you can add sparkle to your ensemble by wearing gold jewellery. When pairing gold jewellery with black saree, you can be as creative as you like. You can make a black saree appear gorgeous by wearing a golden choker neckpiece or Jhumkas. You should, however, be careful when choosing accessories to go with a black saree in order to not overdo the look.

gold jewellery with black saree

Kundan Jewellery With Black Saree - For an Elegant Look

Kundan jewellery is unsurpassed when it comes to elegance and ethnicity. You won't be disappointed when it comes to black sarees. You can complete your black saree look by wearing a Kundan necklace and earrings. A heavy necklace can also be worn without earrings if the necklace is too heavy to maintain an equilibrium in style.

kundan jewellery with black saree

Kundan Jewellery has been around in India for centuries. Here's an article that explains the history and intricate craft behind Kundan Jewellery. 

Green Beaded Jewelry With Black Saree - For A Contrasting Look

There is often a sense of monotony when pure black, golden, and silver are combined. Do you want to spice up your outfit with a few different colours? Isn't that great? Wear gold or Kundan jewellery with green beads. The combination of green beads jewellery with black saree will turn heads for sure! This will result in an overall look that is classic, elegant, and unique.

green beaded jewellery with black saree

Oxidized Gold Jewellery With Black Saree - For That Subtle Look

Glistening gold jewellery with black saree could be considered a no-no by many women. Despite this, gold and black are invincible together. How can you wear gold without creating a shimmery effect with a black saree? Simple, try oxidized gold jewellery! Pairing these jewellery with black saree gives off a subtle appearance. Try them out!

oxidised gold jewellery with black saree

Mirror Jewellery With Black Saree - For That Bold Look

In spite of its lesser-known popularity, mirrorwork jewellery with black saree can be deadly. It is important to understand that sarees can only be worn with certain kinds of accessories. It is still worth trying minimalist mirrorwork jewellery. These jewellery with black saree give you an effortless look of boldness and bossiness. Here's a bonus style tip! By wearing a simple blouse and a bun, you can make the mirror work jewellery the focus of attention. 

mirror jewellery with black saree

Diamond Jewellery WIth Black Saree - For A Dazzling Appearance

There's something ethereal about black and white, isn't there? You may want to consider extending the concept when styling your jewellery with black saree by opting for a diamond set. The diamond necklace that you wear with a black saree will make you look like a princess. To create an out-of-the-crowd look, you can wear a diamond necklace with danglers. When you wear diamond jewellery with black saree, you will become the talk of the event.

diamond jewellery with black saree

Pearl Jewellery With Black Saree - For That Classy Look

When it comes to the combination of black and white, pearl jewellery is a must. When worn with black sarees, pearl jewellery creates a super classy appearance. Wear these accessories when draping a simple black saree for a feminine touch. In a blink of an eye, you can complete the elegant look by choosing a pearl set.

pearl jewellery with black saree

(P.S. All image source: Pinterest)

You can play around with your jewellery a lot when wearing a black saree. Therefore, accessorizing it correctly will make it look amazing! It, however, will be a fashion disaster if the wrong accessories are worn with it. For a truly stunning look, choose jewellery with black saree with the above-mentioned guide and be the star that you are!

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