Silk Fabric Care Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Silk fabric is the epitome of luxury, not just because of its soft and lightweight touch, but also because of its ability to be worn in all seasons, making it appropriate for the smartest of occasions or the most stylish of wedding celebrations. 

To extend the life of silk fabric, how should it be cared for? A good silk item is usually quite expensive, so if you want to make your investment worthwhile, give it plenty of love - and some insight into what it needs.

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Despite silk fabric being one of the strongest natural fibres, it is still a delicate material requiring special attention. To keep your silk soft and shimmering, you must take certain precautions. In this article, you'll learn how to wash your silk yourself, iron it, and store it. Let’s get started >>

What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Silk Fabric

In the majority of cases, silk items need professional care to maintain their quality, however it can be done at home if the delicate process is carried out correctly.

How To Hand Wash Silk Fabric?

The first step in this process is to run a colour run test. Test the colour fastness of the silk fabric by tapping it with a damp, white cloth. It is not uncommon for silk to change color slightly after you wash it by hand. 

With a mild detergent, wash by hand in lukewarm water. The silk garment should be soaked for approximately five minutes and then rinsed in cool water in a separate bowl.

After hand washing the silk, do not wring it out, instead use a clean, soft towel to press the water out.

silk fabric- hand wash

How to dry silk fabric? 

Silk fabric dries quite quickly, so it is not recommended to use a tumble dryer since this may damage the fibres.

Keep your silk away from direct sunlight when it is hanging to dry. Silk garments should be dried on a clothes hanger rather than a clothes peg, since clothes pegs can mark the fabric. To prevent stretching, make sure the item is positioned properly on the hanger.

To learn more about cloth storage, check out our article on summer cloth storage here.  

Here's How To Store Silk Fabric

Silk fabric should be stored in a cotton garment bag to prevent insects from accessing it. Store your garments in a cotton storage box if you plan to store them for a long time. It is never a good idea to store silk fabric in plastic because it encourages mildew, which causes moisture, which can yellow the silk and provide a breeding ground for insects.

If your wardrobe is built on the inside of an external wall, you might need to worry about moisture in it. In such cases, you can reduce moisture by using a moisture absorber such as 'closet camel' or 'damprid'. You can get one here

It is recommended, however, that you store your garments in a clean, dark, cool place.

silk fabric storage

Ironing Silk Fabric : Tips and Cautions

  • The silk fabric should be ironed while it is still a bit damp. 
  • In order to ensure that your silk does not burn, it is advised that you test the temperature of your iron in a non-noticeable place.
  • The silk should be turned inside out and the iron should be used on the "wrong" side of the silk. Therefore, you will iron the duller side instead of the shiny side.
  • Avoid back and forth motions with the iron, which can cause scorch marks on the silk. 
  • Iron clothing, pillowcases, or sheet sets with light wrinkles by using a press cloth between the iron and the silk fabric. 
  • The less, the better! Increase the temperature only as necessary after starting at the lowest possible temperature.

silk fabric ironing

As a silk care pro, you will no longer have to wear your best silk items out of fear of damaging them any longer. We hope that the information provided in this article will help you on how to care for your silk fabric easily at home. Taking good care of your silk will ensure that it lasts for decades to come if you follow these instructions and take good care of it.

Wishing you a silky smooth journey in silk care! 

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