The Best Way To Store Clothes That We Wear In Summer

We absolutely love the light, breezy clothes that we wear in summer, right?

But now that Autumn has arrived and winter is quickly approaching, it's time to dig out our chunky knits and scarves and pack away our shorts and summer dresses. Changing our wardrobes according to the seasons can often be a nightmare, especially if we have a large collection of clothing.

storing summer clothes cover

It is easy to fall victim to the temptation to throw everything into plastic bags when we are attempting to store our summer clothing while making space for our jumpers and coats. However, for the love of clothes that we wear in summer- make sure they are stored safely to prevent discolouration, mould, or moth holes.

Get your pumpkin spice latte ready, and get ready to take notes about how to store the clothes that we wear in summer一

How To Store The Clothes That We Wear In Summer

First, wash everything

One of the most common mistakes we make when storing clothes that we wear in summer is by packing away worn clothes. Remember one thing, moths and bacteria are attracted most by sweet perfume and food remnants. Therefore, all the clothes that we wear in summer should be washed properly and dried completely before they are stored.

summer cloth storage- wash

Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags - A Big No

There is no doubt that plastic traps moisture, therefore, if clothes that we wear in summer are dry cleaned, make sure they are taken out of the dry clean plastic bag before storing. By using a bag that holds moist air, you run the risk of your clothes being stained yellow by the fibres.

summer clothes storage- plastic

Put Money Into Sealed Storage

As soon as we have washed and folded the clothes that we wear in summer, we should have sealable storage bags or boxes on hand. The top of the storage box should have a small gap between the lid and the top of the box to allow air to circulate. Remove all protective plastic from silk summer dresses, sarongs, and any other delicate items and store them in cotton garment bags. 

summer cloth storage- sealed bags

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Overpacking Is Not A Good Idea

As tempting as it may be, we tend to stuff as many clothes that we wear in summer as possible into each storage container, which over time can cause harm to your favourite summer clothes. An overstuffed bag may end up ripping its seams if you zip it, and a bag that doesn't zip or its lid doesn't fit tightly will allow pests in.

Here’s a trick: When we run out of space to store clothes that we wear in summer or don’t have any storage bins left, we should roll up clothes before storing them away. This prevents wrinkles and saves space. A win-win situation!

summer cloth storage- overpack

Maintain The Freshness Of Your Clothes

We should lay the clothes that we wear in summer flat to prevent wrinkles and layer scented tissue paper or dryer sheets discreetly between each item to maintain their fresh scent.

summer cloth storage- freshness

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To Prevent Holes In Your Clothes, Use Moth Repellents

The best way to prevent moth holes in clothes is by packing moth repellents when storing clothes that we wear in summer, such as lavender bags or cedar wood, as these natural products work very well to prevent moths from eating through our clothes.

summer cloth storage- moth balls

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Place Of Storage Plays A Big Role

As a final step--and perhaps the most important– it would be sensible to pick the most suitable place in our home to keep the containers that carry the clothes that we wear in summer. Most people make this mistake by simply throwing the bins in their attic, basement, or garage. These locations are all susceptible to moisture and pests and can harm the lovely clothes that we wear in summer. Furthermore, direct sunlight will also fade the colour of some fabrics and weaken their structure, so keep the storage bins away from direct sunlight. 

It is best to keep the storage bags/bins in a dark, cool, and dry area, such as a spare closet or under the guest bed.

summer cloth storage place

So, do you still think that storing clothes that we wear in summer is a simple chore? 

There are some major mistakes we unknowingly make while storing clothes which can damage them. By following these above-mentioned steps, the clothes that we wear in summer will remain undamaged throughout the winter, ensuring that they are ready for summer when it returns.

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